Baška Voda

Baška Voda

Baška Voda, once a place of fishermen, farmers and sailors, is now a modern tourist resort with all the amenities and features of a small Mediterranean town.

It lies about 3,000 inhabitants, and the nex big city is Makarska, 11 kilometers from Baška Voda. Under the Municipality of Baska Voda ther is mote small villages like: Basko Polje, Bast, etc… After Makarska it is the most visited tourist destination on the Riviera.

Crystal clear and warm sea, well preserved natural environment and excellent geographical location in the heart of Dalmatia make Baska Voda ideal tourist destination where you can find comfortable accommodation, good restaurants, long white pebbly beaches, museums, entertainment, and you can also enjoy interesting excursions starting a right here.

Baska Voda is rich with facilities for recreation, beautiful sandy beaches, various sports courts, diving schools, places for boaters, while evening and night hours meets the rich cultural program in the town center.

Baska Voda boasts of a great number of tombstones, church of St. Lawrence, which was built in 1750, and the church of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of travelers and sailors, and whose statue is located in the town center.
In the town can still be found ethnographic and Malacological Museum and archaeological collection.